Looking for a good movie to help spread the word about clean energy solutions? Look no further than Carbon Nation, a great new film that shows how the US can get off carbon here and now. Here's a clip about what the Department of Defense (not your usual "birkenstock wearing hippies" as one general puts it) is getting to work on clean energy:

If you're interested in watching some more clips or learning more about the Carbon Nation film, make sure to join their Facebook page.

And as you're planning about your 10/10/10 work party, think about how you can best document the work that you are doing in your community. Making a short movie about your work is a great way to share some inspiration with people around the world.

Here at 350.org headquarters, we'll be looking to collect video from around the world on 10/10/10 so that we can get good clips to the media and out to supporters all over the planet. Send us a good video and who knows, maybe it will end up on CNN or in a film like Carbon Nation!

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