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Warmth, wins, and way forward: Climate Change and Canada in 2017

As climate change impacts hit the world with full force, Canada also experienced some unsettling trends. Yet as temperatures climb, glaciers recede, and wildlife populations decline, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government insist on upholding the status quo while trying to convince the world they are practicing a novel approach of striking a balance between the... (More...)
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Gender Justice is Climate Justice

Here at 350.org we strive to use our power to help build power for our movement partners, especially those who, for reasons of class, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, are on the margins of the climate movement.  In this spirit we are commemorating International Women’s Day and the Women’s Strike. As a women-led organization... (More...)

Oil spill taints the Louvre museum

Climate artivists stage first protest performance inside the Louvre denouncing the museum’s ties to oil and gas major Total. An oil spill trickled down the stairs from the Winged Victory of Samothrace – one of the most iconic statues in the Louvre museum in Paris – towards the galleries sponsored by oil and gas major Total. (More...)
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The biggest oil deal: a driving force behind the Trump election

There are several major deposits of fossil fuels connected, in some way, to the Trump campaign and administration. There is one in particular that weaves together climate impacts, #ExxonKnew, oil oligarchs, and the presidential election. The massive oil deposit in question has a complex story, complete with devious plots and James Bond-like villains. We thought... (More...)

The job at hand

Dear friends, I don’t know if you’re like me, but there are days when the sound of Mr. Trump’s voice just makes me want to curl up in a fetal position. The losses we’ve suffered just in the past week, as the new EPA head started gutting water and air protections, makes me think of... (More...)
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