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Forging Solidarity: Taking a stand on DAPL from Japan

On Friday, February 17, an independent group of concerned citizens came together in Tokyo with indigenous Ainu of Japan and Maori of New Zealand to deliver 11,300 signatures demanding that the three major Japanese banks involved in financing the DAPL to divest from the project: Mizuho Bank, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui... (More...)
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Lessons on finding steady ground:

Today, we want to share something different: these are resources that the 350 team have found helpful to stay committed to this movement for the long haul. Donald Trump’s administration is a threat to people everywhere — but people everywhere are standing up to resist him. Thank you to each of the millions of people who’ve marched, called representatives, risked... (More...)
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Trump won’t build Dakota Access Without a Fight

On Wednesday, February 8, thousands of people took to the streets after the Army Corps of Engineers announced its plans to approve the final easement for the Dakota Access pipeline and throw out the environmental review process started by the Obama Administration. Emergency rallies in D.C., New York, San Francisco, Denver, Columbus and beyond sent a... (More...)
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#ClimateFacts: You can’t hold back science

In just their first few days in office, the Trump administration has gone after science. The online response to these actions has been significant. National Park Service accounts, both fake and real, have gained tens of thousands of followers. People are rushing to the defense of science and the EPA. So we wanted to turn up... (More...)
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BREAKING: Keystone XL and Dakota Access

This morning Donald Trump signed executive actions that attempt to restart the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and the Dakota Access fracked oil pipeline. Trump is pushing these pipelines for one reason: because people powered movements stopped them. He wants us demoralized and defeated, so that he can spend the next 4 years working with... (More...)
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Inauguration Day, and the work to come

Today is a hard day. The man about to step into the White House represents a set of values we cannot support. He plans to attack the foundations of truth and justice that the climate movement (and so many of our allied movements) are built on. But his responsibility is to be a leader for... (More...)
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Climate Denier Cabinet: Call Your Senators (US)

The climate is changing and anyone who denies it should not be in the White House Cabinet. For his cabinet Donald Trump has picked ExxonMobil’s CEO, a state Attorney General who spent most of his life filing lawsuits against the EPA, Texas’ governor, who is on the board of the company building DAPL, and a politician who has been fighting to dig up as much coal, oil and gas from public lands as possible. It’s up to Senators to vote against all of these unqualified climate deniers. Find where your Senators stand on Trump’s Climate Denier Cabinet and give them a call.

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Take the Pipeline Pledge

Donald Trump has signed executive actions restarting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and the Dakota Access fracked oil pipeline. We are asking everyone who spoke up, marched or sat-in to stand up and show Trump that our solidarity with frontline leadership is unshakable, and he has severely miscalculated: the opposition will only increase from here. We will oppose every fossil fuel project that violates the science of climate action, the rights of Tribes and the will of the people. Join the Pledge of Pipeline Resistance to be part of the first wave of action to stop Trump’s pipeline plans.

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Resist Trump's Climate Agenda

A majority of people in America did not vote for Donald Trump. The people that worked and voted against him are more likely to be younger and part of vulnerable communities who will together bear the biggest impacts of climate change and his vicious agenda across the board. Together we can make sure that this majority is visible, fired up, and impossible to ignore — from taking to the streets in all 50 states to turning Cabinet confirmations into public hearings on climate denial and deception.

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Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline must be stopped. This pipeline would carry toxic fracked oil from North Dakota across four states, and under the Missouri River immediately upstream from the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. That makes it a threat to the sacred land and water of native communities and a disaster for the climate. President Obama could step in any time and say “no” to this whole thing, like he did for Keystone XL.

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Zero Offshore Drilling

The Obama Administration just released the latest draft of their offshore drilling plan. Thanks to grassroots pressure, the plan no longer includes an expansion of drilling off the Atlantic seaboard, as had been expected. That’s a win for people power — but a partial one. The current version of this plan still allows drilling in the Arctic and off the Gulf Coast. And that’s still unacceptable. We’re calling on President Obama to say no to all new offshore drilling. That includes zero new drilling in the Arctic and zero new drilling off the Gulf Coast.

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Recent reports have shown that Exxon may have known about the threat of climate change decades ago. Yet over the course of nearly forty years, the company has contributed millions of dollars to think-tanks and politicians that have done their best to spread doubt and misinformation — first on the existence of climate change, then the extent of the problem, and now its cause. If Exxon intentionally misled the public about climate change and fossil fuels, then they should be held accountable. We’re calling for an immediate investigation.

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Stop the TPP!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement — a trade deal being negotiated between dozens of countries — is the fossil fuel industry’s latest tool to shut down climate action, and we’re joining a huge coalition to stop it.

The TPP would give foreign fossil fuel corporations the right to sue city, state and national governments if climate action hurts their profits. It’s an enormous corporate power grab and it threatens to undermine climate progress around the world.

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Tar Sands Free Northeast

Organizing to stop tar sands infrastructure in the Northeast of the United States with powerful local organizing and regional collaborations.

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Frack Free California

We’re mobilizing the California climate movement to tell Gov. Brown to stop fracking in California. Climate leaders don’t frack!

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Stop(ped) the Keystone XL Pipeline

We’re joining with organizations and communities throughout North America in a united campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline — the fuse to the largest carbon bomb on the planet.

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