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Striving towards united social justice movements in Eastern Africa

The first World Day of Social Justice was however observed in 2009.  On this globally marked day, organisation and institutions declare the urgency in promoting efforts that tackle social ills such as poverty, inequality, exclusion and peace. This year, 350 Africa, Akiba Uhaki Foundation, The Catholic university of East Africa and  other partners came together... (More...)
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The movement for climate justice and the “Muslim ban”

Donald Trump has been the president of the USA for less than 2 weeks. Yet, it already looks like a long-lasting global nightmare. His first decisions, addressing abortion, immigration, fossil fuel infrastructure, research on climate change, and the “Muslim ban” shape a deep backlash – a regression on fundamental civil, social, collective and individual rights,... (More...)
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No Ban, No Wall, Climate Justice for All’s first campaign was the build up to an International Day of Climate Action in 2009, when people in 182 countries around the world organized over 5,200 events to call for an international climate treaty that set us back on the course to the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: 350 parts... (More...)
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Justice in a world powered by renewable energy

The surge in renewable energy is happening faster than anyone predicted, rapidly transforming our entire energy system. We’re currently building the systems that will power the post-fossil fuels era . But this is not ‘just’ a matter of energy sources and emissions. The energy solutions we deploy today determine whether we try to mitigate the... (More...)
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The Push for Recognition & Protection for Environmental Defenders at COP22

More than three environmental defenders a week were killed in 2015 and hundreds face intimidation, arrest and death threats. These defenders fight to protect land, oceans, rivers & forests from destruction. Many are in the fight to keep fossil fuels in the ground — the only way to limit warming to 1.5° — and they... (More...)
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Deep breaths. Now let’s plan the fight ahead:

Dear friends, It’s hard to know what to say in a moment like this. Many of us are reeling from the news and shaken to the core about what a Trump presidency will mean for the country, and the difficult work ahead for our movements. Trump’s misogyny, racism, and climate denial pose a greater threat... (More...)
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Why voting matters in the climate movement:

This Tuesday, November 8th is election day in the United States. If you care about the climate, it’s important that you vote — not just in the Presidential election, but up and down the ballot. Democracy is a key part of climate justice: it’s how we make sure that the government listens to the people,... (More...)
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Cities have a new agenda, but what about the people?

  Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development conference concluded in Quito with yet another global agreement — the New Urban Agenda.   Several parallel spaces emerged to challenge the narrative of Habitat III and point out the contradictions between the objectives that the United Nations were putting on paper... (More...)
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