Here’s an example of something we never thought we’d see when we launched the 350 campaign last year: Climate Comic Strips in Arabic. Not that we’ve never seen climate comic strips, or met Arab climate activists. It’s just the combination that makes it special; It’s an example of how connected, wired, and collaborative this movement has become in just a few short months. What has been very exciting for our team, as we watch events and actions unfold all over the world, is the creativity we’re seeing from our friends and long-time climate activists in the United States and elsewhere, and the kind of courage that we’re seeing in places where even calling yourself an ‘activist’ might get you in trouble. So here it is, the comic strip that examplifies this beautiful, diverse, powerful, courageous movement that all of us are a part of. Let’s make sure that on October 24, we uncover this movement so the rest of the world can see, too. 

Thanks to one of our star organizers in UAE, Emad Saad, who helped produce and design the comic strip, and is helping plan a great October 24 event in Abu Dhabi.

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