2020 was a tough year.

Amid the pandemic, political turmoil, and natural disasters across Asia, we learnt that we are stronger together.
Business as usual does not work anymore. The economy is broken. We have lost countless lives. The most vulnerable populations are suffering more than ever.;
The good news is that we have been pushed to the brink and we have persevered. In 2021, we will build back better.

The path to a just and green recovery is underway.

Hope in 2021

This powerful video reminds us of all the times we came together for people and for planet in the year 2020.

The year started off bumpy, but with hope, we can take action to repair what is broken.
We have emerged from the dust of 2020 standing in solidarity with one another.
We are united in calling for a just transition away from fossil fuels, and for people to be put over profits.
Our voices for climate justice will be heard, louder than ever.
2021 will test our resilience, but we dare to hope that it will be a meaningful year of climate action

Dare To Hope

We invite you to share what you are hopeful for this year. Let’s inspire others and spark hope that can ignite new ideas and ways forward. It can be in any form, video, text, meme and even a TikTok dance.
Please use the hashtag #DareToHope and tag our social media accounts on Twitter (@350eastasia and @350southasia), Instagram (@350eastasia and @350_southasia) and Facebook.