Stop fossil fuel finance and invest in the just transition

Governments and banks still pour billions into fossil fuels every year. It's time to halt fossil finance and invest in a clean and sustainable future where people and the planet can thrive!

For decades, fossil fuel companies have been using their money and influence to block every serious attempt to stop the climate crisis. We won’t let them celebrate massive profits made on our backs, over and over again. We need a just and clean liveable future for all, one which protects ordinary people everywhere from taking on the cost of this crisis big energy companies caused.

Financing any new fossil fuel project, anywhere, is unacceptable. It’s time for banks, public funders and insurance companies to stop backing fossil fuel companies and infrastructure, like new pipelines, fracking drill rigs or coal power plants – and start investing those resources into a just and equitable transition to renewables!

We know the money to fund real, community-centered renewable solutions exists – and we must take it. Join us!

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We believe in our collective power for stopping the climate crisis. And every and each one of us can make a difference.


Tell Marsh: Drop the East African Crude Oil Pipeline

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Rich countries: move the money into renewable energy!

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#TaxTheirBillions: make them pay for renewable energy for all!

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At, we believe in the power of information and collaboration. Although the financial world works to make itself look inaccessible and daunting, together we will overcome their efforts to block our influence.


Fossil Finance Glossary

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Where Does the Money come From?

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Where Does the Money Go?

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Here is some more in-depth content on fossil fuel finance, from, our partner organizations, or the media.

Financing Fairly 2022: report exploring the role of public finance institutions in Southern Africa in financing the climate crisis

ICBC Renewable Energy Investments: this report finds that ICBC – the world’s biggest bank – is double-dealing on global energy finance, massively increasing its financing to dirty energy instead of renewables in the last 4 years

Reclaim the Finance reports hub: several resources to get you familiar with the global panorama on fossil fuels finance

Banking on Climate Chaos: an analysis of fossil fuel financing from the world’s 60 largest commercial and investment banks

Financing the Global Coal Exit List: check the banks and investors and their coal financing or investments

Oil and Gas Policy Tracker: a tool for tracking good practices by financial institutions worldwide, as well as detect loopholes and flaws

Locked out of a Just Transition: fossil fuel financing in Africa

Finance Campaigning 101: an online workshop design to introduce an action group to the basic concepts of finance campaigning

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