Digital Day of Action to Stop Rosebank

I’m ready

The Norwegian Government loves to present itself as a ‘climate leader’ but they’re building a massive oil and gas project right here in the UK – Rosebank. (Rosebank’s owner, oil giant Equinor, is majority owned by the Norwegian Government.) We need your help to expose them and show them the world is watching.

Together let’s leave hundreds of comments across the Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre’s social media account – shaming him and his Government for their complicity in Equinor’s dirty business.

This can’t be fully automated, but there’s only two steps: copy or draft your message – and go to any of the Prime Minister’s recent posts on your preferred social media channel and leave it as a comment.

Step 1: Copy your message

Copy one of the messages below. You can also edit it or draft your own if you prefer. 

FOR X/TWITTER: Rosebank is a disaster for the climate & would create more than the combined annual CO2 emissions of the 28 lowest-income countries! @jonasgahrstore, do the right thing and #StopRosebank!

FOR X/TWITTER: The HUGE Rosebank oil field will: 🔥 Fuel the climate crisis, ❌ Do nothing for energy bills or energy security and 🐬 Threaten unique marine life. @jonasgahrstore, it’s time to act on Norway’s climate commitments and #StopRosebank

FOR FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM: More than 160,000 people have joined the fight against Equinor’s oil field Rosebank & the resistance is growing across the UK and globally ✊. Not a good look for Norway  👀 👀

Will you do the right thing and #StopRosebank?

FOR FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM: The window for a liveable climate is closing ⏰  Still, Norway’s oil giant Equinor is pushing ahead to open the HUGE Rosebank oil field in the North Sea.

Jonas Gahr Støre, when will your government act on its climate commitments and stop Equinor’s climate crimes?

FOR FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM: Jonas Gahr Støre, you call on other countries to be more ambitious on climate, while your government is allowing Equinor to open the HUGE oil field Rosebank in the UK.

If Norway wants to be on the right side of history, you have to #StopRosebank.

Step 2: Pick your preferred social media platform. 👇

Click the buttons below to get taken to the Norwegian Prime Minister’s social media profiles. Pick any recent post – though please avoid posts discussing recent or current tragic events such as the Israel/Palestine war or the Brussels terrorist attack. Leave a comment or reply on the post using the copied text.