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Messages of solidarity

From across the world, members of the global 350.org community sent words of support and solidarity with nine students in Uganda protesting the disastrous East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

“Take courage. Doing the right thing will have its price but the rewards are beyond the means of measure in this life. We stand with you from afar, as much as we can, and we salute your courage in the face of adversity. ‘Take heart. I have conquered the world’.”
~ Dustin, Brazil

“Dear students,
I admire your courage.
I stand with you to draw a clear red line fossil fuels companies and governments can’t cross anymore.
A line showing we won’t accept projects threatening any form of life. Lives of people, lives of animals, and with them, the future of our planet. Your fight is ours. What’s happening to you is happening to us too. Thanks to his email, I want to tell you you’re not alone. We’re on the same boat, and we can make things change by joining our forces. I sincerely believe it. Thank you so much for your actions, thank you to be so brave.
I’ll do my best to keep supporting you and this vital fight.”
~ Laure, France

“Be strong. Our voices from all over the world support your ideas and determination. We stand with you no matter of our distance.”
~ Vlada, Czechia

“May you find strength to get through this adverse situation. Best wishes to you and thank you for acting for good of public and demonstrate what students around the world should stand for.”
~ Siddhartha, India

“Thank you for your bravery. Your struggle is part of the collective struggle. Kia kaha (be strong), thinking of you all from Aotearoa (New Zealand).”
~ Lisa, New Zealand

“Sending lots of love and light and peace to you on this journey so you may remember that you are not alone. Keep doing that which is good and of benefit to all.”
~ Cele, South Africa

“We support you in your struggle to stop this polluting pipeline!”
~ Peter, Australia

“Hey guys, keep fighting. We are all with you and against Total and the Ugandan government in this fight. Be strong, we will not let you fall and we will stand against the real criminals, the real minority!”
~ Tassignon, Belgium

“Thank you for your incredible bravery in standing up to the systems of oppression that are destroying our world. Take courage, you are not alone – millions of others are also taking action for the same end. We can make a better world!”
~ Katie, United Kingdom

“Do not be disheartened! Posterity will judge you favourably for fighting for people and nature!”
~ Sunshine, Uganda

“To the nine students who were arrested for protesting peacefully against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline:
I applaud your courage and determination to stand up for your principles. Please know that I, and many others around the world, know about your situation, support you, and are trying to publicize your plight. We agree that it is time for a sustainable future by transitioning away from fossil fuels and their infrastructure, and moving to renewable energy sources. No one should have to face imprisonment to get out that message. Stay strong, and good luck in your endeavors.”
~ Theresa, United States

“I am in solidarity with the students resisting EACOP. Human rights must be respected. Nature be preserved!”
~ Dube, Zimbabwe

“Dear Young People of Courage,
Thankyou with all my heart for what you are doing to peacefully protest and resist injustice. We join you from Scotland in solidarity and send our love. You are not alone.”
~ Louise, United Kingdom

“Never stop fighting for a more hospitable world, where nature is respected and protected for future generations. I stand with you and support you.”
~ Álvaro, Portugal


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Solidarity with EACOP protesters in Uganda

On 4 October, Ugandan police arrested nine students for peacefully protesting against the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP). On Tuesday 25 October, they go to trial and could go to prison. 

Show them they’re not alone in their fight for a livable future.

Sign this letter in solidarity and add your own message of support:

"I stand in solidarity with the students and all those resisting EACOP for people, nature and the climate. Stay strong. You're in our thoughts, and you're not alone!”

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On 4 October, nine Ugandan students took to a stand against an oil corporation's climate-wrecking project: Total's East African Crude Oil Pipeline.

They were arrested, and on Tuesday 25 October they go to trial. They could go to jail for peacefully protesting to protect people, nature and our climate.

We need to show the students, and the Ugandan authorities, that the world is watching. And that an international movement is standing strong and in solidarity with everyone resisting EACOP. 

Since its construction was announced, local people from Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have been leading the fight against the destructive pipeline. 

Just one oil spill could be catastrophic for the people and wildlife of the region. Total’s pipeline threatens the water 40 million people depend on. It will force over 100,000 people from their land. 

The student's fight for a safe and dignified future builds on the fight communities in East Africa have been leading for years. It is the fight for a livable planet. For a clean, safe, renewable energy future. It is all our fights.

Will you stand with David Musiri, Lyazi Alex, Java Imuran, Wenani Gerald, Nkurunziza Alphonse, Kajubi Maktum, Akiso Benjamin, Akis Gonga, Lubega Nsamba and everyone else standing against EACOP? 

Sign the letter and add your personal message today.

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