My name is Katie and I’m looking forward to sharing a campaign update about the very exciting work I do with the Canada team at

After the last federal election, our team doubled down on our campaign to push for Just Transition legislation that accelerates the transition off fossil fuels while investing in solutions that work for people and the planet.

Here are some of our major campaign achievements over the last seven months.

  1. We flooded the Canadian government’s consultation process for a Just Transition with over 5,000 submissions from people across the country. When the government opened up public consultation on a Just Transition, our team jumped at the opportunity to set up digital tools that enabled mass participation from thousands of people across the country. Together, we made sure that the government gets a clear message to deliver a Just Transition that guarantees millions of good, green jobs, puts people first, and aligns with climate science.
  2. We brought together over 1,000 people across the country to activate local organizing in support of a Just Transition. We’ve organized mass online gatherings throughout the year to build local power in support of a Just Transition across Canada. Both times, our Zoom calls reached maximum capacity and we were joined by an enthusiastic audience, eager to learn from the inspiring campaigners and movement leaders who took our digital-stage. You can catch the recording from our most recent mass call here.
  3. We mobilized in 50 communities across the country for a national Day of Action for a Just Transition. On March 12th, from the Maritimes to the prairies to the West Coast, and all the points in between, thousands of people used theater and art to send a big message. And our pressure worked! Shortly after our mass Day of Action, the federal New Democratic Party struck a deal with Trudeau’s Liberals to govern together in support of key policy priorities — including a Just Transition! Read the full story of our massive day of action on March 12th here.

Rally in Moncton in March 2022 during Canada’s national Day of Action for a Just Transition. 

It’s been a wildly exciting — and busy — time for us. I am so inspired everyday by the mass movement of people across the country coming together to win bold solutions that tackle the climate emergency. 

We’ve accomplished so much together and there’s so much still to do together. Thank you again for taking some time to read my update, and look out for even more good news coming from my fellow campaigners here at

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