On Sunday, April 21st — what we’re calling “Earth Night” — will premiere a film about our work and our growing movement.

It features the big tour we did across the country last fall, and so the film is also called “Do the Math.” The trailer for the movie was just released a few minutes ago — check it out:

Watch the Trailer and Join In


On the night of April 21st, people will gather in hundreds of living rooms and libraries across the country for the premiere of the movie. Meeting in person is the lifeblood of our movement, and we hope that gathering to watch this snazzy film can be an opportunity to connect with new people and grow the movement locally.

I’ve already had a chance to preview the movie; it is an inspiring, beautiful, and fast-paced story that shows the power of the growing climate movement. It clocks in at 42-minutes — and it packs a lot in: from the cross-country tour we did last year, to the latest dispatches from leaders in the fight to stop Keystone XL, to the campaign to divest from fossil fuels.

You won’t want to miss it. Click here to watch the the trailer and join (or create!) an Earth Night gathering in your community.

We also have a page that answers a lot of questions you might have about the movie — check it out here:


Anna for the whole team

P.S. April 21st is one day before the end of the State Department’s public comment period on the Keystone XL pipeline — so we’ll make sure folks can collect and submit comments at local events. 

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