Bill McKibben just sent over this update from his recent visit to Edina, Minnesota. Many thanks to all the good people there who helped organize such a great event!

Few people have seen climate change much closer up than Will Steger. The great polar explorer–who has made unsupported trips across both the Arctic and the Antarctic–speaks with real authority when he tells audiences about watching glaciers melt and seas unfreeze. So it was good fun to join him last night in the Minneapolis suburb, and this morning at the University of Minnesota, to talk about what we’re doing so there’s still some snow and ice left to explore.

The talk in Edina drew hundreds and hundreds of people, most of whom seemed ready and eager to go to work for Oct. 24.  Special thanks to Paul Thompson, the completely indefatigable organizer who pulled it off. And this morning’s session with the Will Steger Foundation not only involved teachers from across the state, but also across the country via a "webinar" setup.

Most fun was meeting some of the 12 young people the Foundation is sending off to Copenhagen as a "midwestern delegation." We’ll look forward to reconnecting with Will and his whole crew there, at the end of an expedition as important as any he’s ever undertaken!

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