On August 15 2015, thousands of people took action together to disrupt the on-going extraction in the open cast mines in the Rhineland mining area. Through acts of civil disobedience participants were able to stop RWE from going about their ‘business as usual,’ even stopping the gigantic diggers in their tracks. Messages of support for the people who took this courageous action flooded in from people around the world. There were already so many that we can’t possibly share them all, but below are some of the highlights.

I am so proud of every single one of you making this brave stand on behalf of the planet, especially those engaged in an action for the first time. My 4-year-old daughter Stella is thanking you and waving/smiling as I write.
Rob, London

For decades Politicians have failed to act effectively on climate change. Time has nearly run out and the healthy and fulfilling future for humankind depends on action now. Your commitment, courage and determination could prove to be the inspiration needed to trigger the necessary action by Government and business.
Gordon, Montrose

It takes superheroes to save planets. That makes every one of you a superhero!
Graeme, Hawick

Have tears in my eyes as I read about the action you are taking today. Thank you for putting yourselves out there. Thousands stand behind you.
Bettina, Findhorn

Dear Friends, I’m sorry not to be with you today. But I think of you with the hope that what you are doing today will have an impact on political and economic decision makers. Your action is a prelude for the November 29 demonstration in Paris which has the same objective. So you are very welcome in Paris at the COP21 Summit. They will meet and discuss at le Bourget, we will meet in Paris!
Suzanne, Paris

I sympathize with you in this important action for the entire planet where the courage and determination of you normal people willing to act in person is to be celebrated. Always forward, protection and care of our planet and all of life.
Luisella, Genova

Thanks for doing this. You’re doing it on behalf of all of us. We’re with you!!!
Sandra, Edinburgh

Good on you all! I hope we can do the same in Australia #endcoal
Cormac, Sydney

Keep fighting the good fight! Know that there are millions of people the world over who are behind you in your efforts, and their thoughts are with you all today. Good luck!
Enda, Belfast

<3 LOVE <3 is to put and end to coal. Thank you all <3
Per, Knivsta

It encourages so much – now, I just thought the first time about to do such an activity myself 🙂 Keep on!
Lisa, Vienna

Take strength from all the people who can’t be with you and believe in what you are doing.
Jonathan, Perpignan

I am very proud to be part of the movement that takes a strong stand for renewable energy and I want to tell you that you are awesome. My thoughts are with you today and I am eager to follow your actions.
Renate, Puchenau

We urgently need to get rid of coal to save what is left of our beautiful planet. You are heroes and role model to all of us and future generations in standing up for what is right and placing the needs of every living creature on this planet above profit!
Robin, Brussels

For doing what our government’s won’t and stepping up to take action to protect our climate, a huge THANK YOU from Australia (coal country)!!!!
Blair, Sydney

Thank you for representing us all. I wish I could be there too but am too old and can’t afford the travel. You are doing a service to the planet and keep safe!…
Elizabeth, Ripon

History will look back on those resisting fossil fuels the same way we look back on abolitionists of slavery. Fight the good fight. x
Jonathan, Dublin

I wish I was there with you all / Хотіла б я бути зараз там з вами
Yuliya, Irpin

So proud of you guys! Thank you for what you are doing today! You are doing also for us! Greetings from rural East Timor (on the other side of the world)
Inge Ruth, Baucau

You are real world HEROES!
Michael, Coepnhagen

It is amazing what people power can achieve, I wish you the best of luck and will be keeping my fingers crossed that the world press can accurately report on the urgency of your action. I’ll be thinking of you all & wishing I could be with you.
Éilis, Dublin

I am thinking of all you brave people here in England. I admire your courage and determination. I hope that your actions today will inspire many more of us to take an active stand against the mining and use of fossil fuels.
Clare, York

Coming from the Rhineland we have fought the coal mines in NRW as a major threat to groundwater, the ecosystems and clean air since decades but in vain. Knowing about the stubbornness of their owners and executives we wish all who support today’s action lots of success, energy, strength and resilience. A breakthrough and end of coal mining around Eschweiler , Huckelhoven etc t would be a major success for all of us and humanity. Thank you for taking action and very best wishes, hope and mental support throughout the day.
Helene, London

We can either follow the linear thinkers into extinction or the integral thinkers into the solar age. Coal belongs with the dinosaurs. You are doing what’s needed, and you have my respect.
Georges, Lorentzweiler

“Like a great poet, Nature knows how to produce the greatest effects with the most limited means.” -Heinrich Heine Today you are means of the Nature
Zeljko, Hamburg

Each step you take is a step closer to bringing the planet back to right harmony and balance. Each step is a lung full of fresh air for the next generation. Each step shows that the people care and will not be silenced or oppressed. One small step for man one giant leap for mankind’s environment
Lorna, Glasgow

This action is so vital and necessary to force an end to such harmfulness to the planet – I thank you on the Earth’s behalf.
Jerry, Edinburgh

THANK YOU everyone for your courage and commitment and for acting on our behalf .. on behalf of this Beloved planet Earth… Sending Love and Appreciation for your action today. May you be supported and protected and may we begin to see the ripple effect building and growing into a wave of support to END COAL
Marilyn, Leysin

Thank-you for doing this for me , for my children and for the planet. You are wonderful
Paula, Loughborough

With the actions of your bravery the world is a better place today for our baby daughter and all future generations. Thanks! 🙂
Virginia, Anglesey

You’ve done something fantastic and very inspiring today. The climate crisis will not be solved without the likes of you. Hold your head high!
Angi, Helsinki

The air tastes cleaner already! Keep up the good work! Hopefully one day you will all get the recognition you deserve!
Ben, Bristol

You Brave Beautiful People. You stand for us all, for our climate and planet #EndCoal Only short term profiteers like #RWE need dirty coal.
Anthony, Dewsbury

You are literally saving the world.
Billy, Newcastle

My thoughts are with you today as you make a stand against carbon emissions when you could be spending the day relaxing in the sun. It is action such as yours that tells not only the wrongdoers, but also the powers that be and the majority of uncaring people that climate change matters. It is the responsibility of all to do all they can to reduce the dangerous emissions and to consider what life will be like in the future and taking actions such as yours can only help move people and organisations in the right direction.
Rosemary, Durham


It seems so incredibly obvious that we can’t go on with the old ways of using everything up, of exploiting the present and the future. So the fact that you guys have to put your personal safety on the line to make the point is even more incredible. I’m full of admiration and gratitude that you are prepared to do it. Thank you!
Max, Stroud

Write your message of support here… YOU ARE THE HEROES OF OUR TIME This kind of action is the only way forward now, when our leaders have failed us and listen only when money speaks. You have the love and respect from the rest of the world!
Berit, Grythyttan

The incredible mobilization and resistance you have manifested mean great hope for all of us activists here from Turkey.We,whose lands are plundered ,whose air is polluted by mine companies,we whose villages are displaced because of this parasitic growth, send our best solidarity and support to you.
Ciha, Istanbul

I hope you have a successful day. I wish I could have been with you. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel like it before you set off to the pub for a beer. It soon will. People need time to think through change. There are more, satisfying, less physically damaging jobs in renewables than remain in coal. So make friends, Help them along to see there is a better future and enjoy the day as the moment in time when the remaining coal smog started to thin for the last time. It’s going to happen because of you.
Jed, Worcester

Well done, standing up for the people of the planet and putting your bodies not just your thoughts into a large action to fight for a healthy future
Ian, Dundee

Your bravery is awe inspiring and amazing and will encourage others to take this kind of action in the future. This kind of action is the only way to deal with greedy multinational companies who insist on raping the planet at the expense of ordinary people. Thank you so much for doing it – you do it for all of us.
Joanna, Stourbridge

you are earth ́s true heroes!! i am sitting in my home following every single step of yours and am genuinely moved by your amazing bravery. you are there at the very heartbeat to save our planet! endless solidarity and gratitude
Ben, Berlin