End the
Energy Charter Treaty

The Energy Charter Treaty is an international agreement which gives foreign investors in the energy sector sweeping powers to sue states over government actions that have supposedly ‘damaged’ their investments – like taking climate action! – and the compensation governments have to pay out can be in the billions.

We can’t let coal, oil and gas companies obstruct our transition to a clean, green and fair energy system. The EU Council is considering reforming the Treaty right now. But even in a reformed form, the treaty would continue to allow corporations to sue governments when taking climate action, and protect existing fossil fuel investments for at least another 11 years. Already several EU countries have announced they will withdraw from the Treaty including Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands. But others still need a push.

The EU Council is meeting in days – send a letter now to encourage key ministers to say “NO” to reform and withdraw from the ECT once and for all! There’s huge momentum now – let’s win this!

Use the simple tool on the right to send an urgent message to key Ministers now. If your country is already publicly supporting exiting the ECT then you will be sending a message to Swedish Ministers as they hold the current Presidency of the EU Council.