We just launched our website a day ago and were happy to see the warm reception it’s gotten online. Before we get into that, though, a big thanks to all of our web developers, volunteer translators, and our talented friends at Free Range Media who put together our groovy animation. 350.org is a collaborative campaign which means we’re counting on you to help build out the site, spread the word, and build the movement however you can.

Read on to see what people are saying about 350.org and our new video:

Kerry Trueman, Huffington Post:

“So McKibben’s launching a new campaign, 350.org, with the help of a wonderful, wordless video from the folks at Free Range Studios, who gave us The Story of Stuff and The Meatrix. 350.org: Because The World Needs To Know is a universal call to arms–or to legs, actually, as in, go ride a bike! Can we pedal our way to a CO2 level of 350 ppm? I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure: James Hansen’s checked the coordinates, and this is one destination we can’t get to by car.”

George Spyros, Treehugger.com:

“We’ve told you all about the 350 Campaign before and today, 350.org is launching in eight languages. However, with over 4000 languages spoken around the world, the campaign thinks it best not to leave spreading the word to a bunch of words. They’ve done their best to boil down the science of global warming and vision of the 350 Campaign in 90 seconds with a clean and bouncy animation from Free Range Studios. We love the part where the people symbols jump on their 350 bicycles!”

Teresa Herrmann, SolveClimate.com:

“Unlike larger organizations, 350.org isn’t trying to control the movement. Instead it wants supporters to take the campaign and run with it. Like with this excellent video from Free Range Studios going viral. . . . Open source example: 350.org’s website is fully functional in nine different languages. Who did the translating? Its supporters. More languages are on the way.”

Adam Siegel, EnergySmart:

“Forget inflation rate. Forget price of gasoline. Forget grade point average. 350 is about survival of the globe’s biodiversity and, potentially, survivability of a modern human society.”

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