“When their senior scientists told their senior executives what was coming, Exxon started climate-proofing all their drilling rigs to withstand the rising sea level. But they did not tell the rest of us. Just the opposite.”

We just received a second letter from members of Congress about our work to hold Exxon accountable, claiming that we may be violating Exxon’s right to free speech. The letter reiterates the demand to divulge every communication with state officials and many private organizations related to our constitutional right to ask elected officials to investigate what Exxon knew about climate change and when.

The climate movement has been hitting fossil fuel companies like Exxon hard, and Exxon unleashing their allies in Congress is a counterattack of the most desperate kind.

They’re fighting back because pressure from people is working. Let’s not back down.

Right now we have a chance to do real damage to Exxon, and push their shady, oil company lies out into broad daylight. If we can shine a light on this case of blatant fraud, we’ll be one step closer to dismantling the power of an industry that’s still recklessly — and knowingly — driving the climate crisis.

You can help by joining the call to hold Exxon accountable at exxonknew.org and by sharing this video with your friends and family — use the buttons this page, or just grab the link.

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