Just as we are beginning to see the lives of Pakistanis and Russians afdected by the floods and the fires that ravaged those countries get better, another report of flooding has come in from our supporters in Kano, Nigeria.

Salisu Lawal writes that "According to 2006 population census is the most populous state in Nigeria but on 25th August 2010 all major roads in the city were submerged by flooding." The BBC and AFP are reporting that up to eight people have died, and thousands have been left without homes or clean water as the Wudil River swelled over its banks after record rainfall followed a severe summer drought. Here's a photo taken by Salisu that shows the extend of the flooding in Kano:


The residents of Kano aren't going to give up, though. They understand climate change and are committed to advocating for climate solutions like planting trees to stop desertification – which is what they're going to do on 10/10/10. Check out this hopeful photo from last year's October 24 International Day of Climate Action:


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