Thank you for starting a fundraiser in support of! We’re grateful for your support of this crucial work to fight climate change. Below are a few resources to help you make your fundraiser a success.

Fundraising Tips

  • Set a goal and deadline for how much you would like to raise and by what date. This will help motivate you and your supporters even more.
  • Think about the message. Why is and the climate movement important to you? What message(s) have you received that sparked you to take action? Create a personal message around those questions. You might create two different versions based upon your audience. Your conversation may be more casual for friends and family because they know you. For co-workers, you may need to give more background as to how you became involved with Remember to always include a sentence or two about sharing your message or joining you. Be sure to include a photo to bring more attention and to visually break up the text. If you are really adventurous and want to get very creative, make a short video for your social media posts.

Use Resources page for ideas, photos and more.

  • Use your network to your advantage. Share your passion, goal and deadline with friends, family, co-workers. Ask them to help you by not only donating, but ask them to participate or forward the information to their network. You probably have other people in your connections who are just as concerned about the climate crisis. Use your personal and professional social media channels.Don’t forget to use your email contacts as well.
  • Consider contacting media outlets with your story and what you are doing. Media likes to include “feel good stories”.
  • Depending on the time you start your fundraiser and your deadline, consider sending a couple messages via email and posting on your social media to stay top of mind. If you are posting on social media more than 4 times, consider updating your content with a picture or change the title of the post. Be careful not to inundate people with messages or posts or they will lose interest.
  • If you reach your original goal, don’t stop! Increase the goal again.
  • Most importantly, thank your donors! You can never say thank you too many times. Thank them for their initial support and one your fundraiser is over, send a message and post a thank you with the results of their support.
  • Contact at [email protected] or (+1) 646-801-0759 once you have your plan and continue to keep us updated on your progress.