Thank you for starting a Facebook fundraiser for! We’re so grateful for your support of this crucial work to fight climate change. Below are a few resources to help you make your fundraiser a success.

Fundraising Tips

  • Your message should be personal and demonstrate why you care about fighting climate change. Your friends and family will respond positively to your passion and understand why this cause is important.
  • Use your network to your advantage. Having your friends and supporters share your fundraising page, social media posts and approach networks of their own could go a long way to reaching your goals.
  • Set a fundraising goal and set a deadline. How much would you like to raise by what date? Goals and deadlines are really motivating for people who want to support you and support your fundraiser.
  • Send reminders once every couple days – post on your wall, post to your fundraising page and remind people to give. Also, be sure to thank people as you see their donations come through!
  • Remember to thank your supporters (again!)

Fundraising Tools

  • Here’s a sample Tweet for your Twitter followers.
  • Share this video explaining’s work and mission.
  • Sample Facebook and Twitter text to post with your fundraising link:
    • “Please chip in what you can and support my fundraiser for – an organization focused on stopping the fossil fuel industry and transitioning to 100% renewable energy for all.”
    • “We’ve only got 10 years to stop the worst of climate change and people are rising up around the world to demand real climate leadership from every level of government. Will you donate today to my fundraiser for and fight for a renewable energy future?”