This December hundreds of world governments will meet in Paris to try to strike a global climate agreement. But we know that the real work doesn’t end in Paris so next year we are getting ready to take things to the next level.

Any agreement in Paris only exists on paper. We know that international agreements won’t mean anything if there isn’t a large movement applying sustained pressure to national governments demanding an end to the fossil fuel age. That’s why in May next year we will mobilise in a global wave of action unlike any we’ve seen before. Not one big march in one city, not a scattering of local actions — but rather a wave of historic national and continent-wide mobilisations targeting the fossil fuel projects that must be kept in the ground, and backing the energy solutions that will take their place.

We’re still working out the details, but here is the gist of what we mean: We plan to team up with allied groups in many of the key places around the world fighting fossil fuels and pushing for a renewable revolution. During a set period of time, we’ll jointly prepare coordinated and bold mass actions – non-violent and appropriate to each local context – that escalate the local struggles and increase the momentum to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

We can’t afford to wait after Paris. No matter what the outcome of the talks we need to make sure that we start the transition to a clean energy economy right away. We are going to hit the ground running in 2016 which is why we are telling you about it now.

The key to success is momentum.

Here’s what we mean by momentum: using every opportunity to make new connections, build stronger relationships and build up more energy. We will take that energy into the streets to grow our movement and hold our leaders accountable to science and justice.

And as we move down the Road Through Paris, this is how we will build momentum:

  • We start with workshops. People are holding trainings and gatherings all over the world, bringing together thousands of people to start making plans and organising in their communities. The Power Through Paris workshops are about making new friendships and forging new connections which will carry us down the Road Through Paris.
  • Next we take to the streets. On November 28-29, just before the talks start in Paris, the world will take to the streets for Global Climate Marches all over the world, including in the streets of Paris.
  • The movement has the final word. After the talks wrap-up on December 12 the climate movement is going to send a signal that people are leading the renewable transition. The Paris moment will be defined not by what happens in the negotiating halls, but in the streets of Paris and around the world. On December 12 people will take to the streets to show their determination, diversity and creativity to show that people are ready to start building a new society.
  • We take it to the next level. Which brings us to May. All the momentum we build through workshops, marches, trainings and meetings will be put to use as we take bold action targeted at fossil fuel projects that must be kept in the ground and lifting up the solutions we need to take their place. We have waited far too long for serious action and in May people are going to come together to show that they are serious.

Right now this is just a plan. People like you will make this plan real, with your energy, creativity and diversity. We know the problem and we have the solutions. Now is our moment, but we need to show up.

UPDATE: Break Free from Fossil Fuels had been launched! Click here to sign up.

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