On May 10th, 350.org joined with Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Keith Ellison to launch a new bill that would cut $113 billion in subsidies to the coal, oil and gas lobby over the next 10 years.

Almost everyone in the country opposes handing cash over to big oil, big coal, and big gas—the numbers are in the 70% range among Republicans, Independents, and Democrats. That means that we’ll be working to get all sorts of people on board with this fight, maybe even that cranky uncle of yours who doesn’t believe in global warming but wants to cut government spending.

This won’t be any normal legislative push. First, that’s just not how we do things here at 350.org. But more importantly, we know that if we confine this effort to Capitol Hill, the fossil fuel industry will just drown us in dollars — they could spend $100 billion fighting this thing and still come out on top. So, we’re going to have to find other currencies to work in: our creativity, energy, and grassroots organizing power. This needs to be a people’s bill through and through.

Stay tuned for photos, video and more info coming in soon! 

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