sent us this beautiful image


“Best wishes for Mother Earth” – the Mpophomeni Enviro club kids created
this “dot” using the coloured powder that is used in the Hindu Holi
festival of colour. Their wishes and promises for the planet will be washed
into the ground when it rains, and all that will remain are the rocks they
placed around their art.

In a lead-up to Connecting the dots day, the Mpophomeni Enviro-club
kids researched the effects of climate change in their region. They
discovered that the biggest threat to South Africa is a loss of water and
food security. Mpophomeni Township is situated in a wetland area in the
uMngeni River Catchment, a catchment that supplies water to over 4million
people. Climate change affects rainfall distribution patterns and
increases evaporation rates, which in turn affects the functioning of the
wetlands that clean and regulate our water supply. South Africa is a
water-vulnerable country, and already some regions are experiencing water

This group of kids have been actively learning about and taking action
against Climate Change for three years now, they have made their own
educational movie about the local effects of climate change, and have
participated in 10/10/10 and the Moving Planet Day. Follow their progress

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