The Guardian has a great piece today on the incredible success of the 10:10 campaign, our lead partner for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party.

10:10 started in the UK and has now spread all around the world as thousands of people, businesses, and governments are taking up the goal of cutting their emissions 10% in 2010. If you haven't signed up to cut your 10% yet, make sure to visit the 10:10 Global Website.

The Guardian assesses the (many) successes of the campaign thusfar and includes an update from 10:10 UK director, Eugenie Harvey. The Guardian site is also full of good tips and ideas for how you can get to work on cutting yoru emissions 10%, so make sure to get on over and check it out.

And once you've gotten your fill of inspiration, make sure to sign up an event for 10/10/10, when all across the globe communities will get to work on climate solutions and celebrate a clean energy future. Trimming our carbon fat by 10% is a great first step on the road to 350 ppm, and we're honored to be taking it with the 10:10 campaign, our hundreds of other partners around the world and — most importantly — all of you.

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