We just got a great update from friends in Singapore who are planning big things for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party.


For the last few months, the "Ground Up Initiative" in Singapore has been getting to work every weekend on a new, sustainable urban farm. When Ground Up first started their efforts, the number of volunteers was usually about 15 to 30 people — but last weekend, 85 volunteers showed up to help build encolsures for urban vegetable patches, recycle waste into cleaning enzymes and make mud bricks for the new community center they're building. The center is going to feature rain water harvesting and solar panel and is planned to be completed by 10/10/10.

The park where Ground Up has been working was so impressed with the group's efforts that it has donated the use of the entire park for October 10th's events — even though 10/10/10 is an auspicious day for weddings and the park could have been fully booked for wedding photos. Any brides and grooms that want to get to work on their big day are welcome to!

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