Below is a post from Doug Miller who helped organize an action targeting Sen. Bill Nelson in Tallahassee, Florida:

After Wednesday’s action against the KXL in Tallahassee, I’m convinced that the greatest source of renewable energy in the climate justice movement is the courage of my fellow activists.

Despite a last-minute venue change, no mainstream press, and a cancelled visit from Senator Bill Nelson’s aide, I saw 25 activists venture through the stormy Tally spring evening and turn their personal feelings of powerlessness and neglect into collective hope and power.

Elected officials Martha Lang, Tabitha Frazier, and FSU student-leader Jessica Blackburn reminded us of KXL’s true cost to Floridians. I got to speak with everyone about the significance of the long-term zero-sum game over building KXL: to win we must play smart, take care of ourselves and each other, and model the courage-to-hope.

After speaking, the group talked about‘s university divestment campaign, and strategic connections were made between local university boosters and student-activists.

Then we climbed uphill in the now-light rain, and mailed approximately 30 postcards to Senator Bill Nelson’s Washington office.

There are many more coming.

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