From the freezing cold of Iceland to the hot sun of Egypt, today's 350 EARTH events are proving to absolutely spectacular. This picture of a polar bear comes from the Langjokull Glacier outside of Reykjavik, where artists battled fierce winds and -15°C (5°F) weather to create the installation:

Photo: Christopher Lund

In Egypt, artist Sarah Rifaat and hundreds of Egyptian youth trekked out the desert outside Cairo to form an enormous scarab holding a sun to symbolize how solar energy can power Egypt's future. We're just getting photos in now, but here's one shot that's already being featured in the Guardian:

Photo: Ahmed Hayman

These pictures are just hours old and more are being uploaded as I write … incredibly exciting to watch this global event unfold thanks to all of the artists, volunteers, and every one spreading the word. Onwards with art!

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