Two weeks before the main Moving Planet day on the 24th of September, folks in Indonesia have already commenced their moving action. They are cycling a route over 1,000 km long for 350 hours from Bali to Bandung calling on the Indonesian government to commit to stronger action to get off fossil fuels.

The Indonesia government have some strong commitments to climate action already that need to be held accountable, and they need to strengthen their action as well. In particular, the cyclists are calling for a shift away from all fossil fuel subsidies and directing those funds to more renewable energy.

The launch event today, Wednesday, was well-attended by the media and the story is already getting picked up across the whole country.

Here is some of the cycling team talking to the media as they prepared for the journey last Friday…


More updates and photos from the 350 Hour ride to come soon.

So, can you feel the planet start to move? This is just the beginning of some exciting weeks ahead. Here we go!

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