Question: What do the New York Times, the Financial Times, and the International Herald Tribune have in common?

Answer: Yes, they’re all internationally distributed, big-name newspapers. But today they have an extra-added bonus connection – they’re all carrying full page ads talking about 350.



Our friends at the Tällberg Foundation, in Tällberg, Sweden, are on the verge of kicking off their yearly Tallberg Forum. This year’s Forum is entitled, “How, on Earth, can we live together?” As part of the discussions tackling that subject, they’ll discuss Earth’s limits, one of which is the limit of 350 ppm CO2. Following James Hansen, the US NASA scientist, will be Desmond Tutu, speaking on the moral imperative to address these limits of our world. It’s going to be a powerful week in Sweden.

To get the ball rolling, or perhaps kickstart a major avalanche, they’ve taken out these adverts in major papers all over the world, stating the case for 350 with over 150 signatories from around the globe. Check out their video scroll of the ad below, or read the full text on their website, here.

Congrats to everyone in the Tällberg Foundation, and best of luck at this year’s Forum!



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