With our first newsletter of the year, we want to send love and solidarity to people who are already experiencing drastic climate impacts – from the heatwaves in parts of South America, to the blizzards in the North. We also stand in support with the communities in Tonga and other places affected by the volcanic eruption and subsequent tsunami in the Pacific. Our thoughts are with all those communities as they recover and rebuild.

As the year started, people all over the world have shown that our activism does not go on vacation. This newsletter brings you news from exciting energy-filled action and protests around the world, that have been putting pressure on the fossil fuel industry and the governments and financial institutions supporting them. They bring us so much hope, and the movement won’t stop: have you heard about the Global Climate Strikes announcement that was made today? Youth activists are planning a new day of actions for March 25th, and we will be at their side during the upcoming weeks, building momentum and organizing.

Stay tuned to our channels to learn more about how our collective action can contribute to a Fossil Free world!

In Case You Missed It

The People of Argentina Demand a Sea without Oil:

The Argentine authorities thought that approving a decree on the last day of the year would go unnoticed. Little did they know that thousands would mobilize in 20 locations around the country to stop the seismic exploration in the Argentine Sea. The actions gave birth to a strong civil society movement call #Atlanticazo – a mobilization against the Argentine government’s plan to expand oil extraction on the coast.

During January, Argentinians have experienced the impacts of the climate crisis on their very skin. A heatwave brought thermometers over 43º, shutting down the electric system in Buenos Aires and causing fires. Scientists are sure: heat waves like this one will become longer and more frequent in the region due to climate change. And we know what it means: no more oil!

Activists in Argentina. Photographer – Leandro Sánchez

Indonesia takes on local banks

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), is Indonesia’s biggest state-owned bank, and like many of their peers, has a coal addiction. Amongst the youth, it is known for the wrong reasons – funding the dirty energy industry. That’s why they have set a campaign and will have actions today in front of the BNI main office urging the bank to stop funding the fossil fuel industry.

The youth strikers have included a petition for the campaign and they need signatures, and a lot of them, because your signature can stop the funding to the coal companies which can help protect our environment and future. Help them spread the word!


A swift protest led by Fridays For Future MAPA (Most Affected People and Areas) activists from Uganda, Tanzania, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Poland and France gathered in front of Total station in Grenoble, France. They were demanding that Total withdraw its investment in the world’s largest heated oil pipeline – the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP), and urged that the French government get involved.

A lot is at stake if the project continues. Some of the activists – those from Uganda and Tanzania, reminded Total that their homes, their livelihoods, and their environment will be destroyed. The banks funding the company must cut off Total and its project immediately.

Activists in Grenoble, France. Photographer — Hugo Duchesne 

Kill the Bill Protests

Fighting for your future should not be a crime. This is what activists in the UK had to protest against when a draconian bill was voted down that intends to give the police new powers to stop protests that are deemed too noisy and disruptive.

Their plan had some pretty amazing approaches, that included a petition that was handed over to parliament with over 533,000 signatures rejecting this bill. Plus they planted themselves so well when they joined an official meeting with the Home Secretary of the UK, carrying placards written #KillTheBill on their screens.

The so-called Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts was voted down on fourteen counts in parliament! Protests work, even against bills that try to stop them.


The Future Isn’t Written

We will begin the new year with hope, knowing that it is up to us to decide what our future says.

We are pumped up for 2022!

Because 2021 gave us some epic wins, and very insightful learnings on events and campaigns that are important to stopping the climate crisis. Through these, we will continue to raise our voices and stand against climate justice.


Climate change and migration

As someone who cares for climate justice, you probably have wondered what happens to people who have been directly affected by climate change. Imagine your house being flooded by severe rains. Or having no available water due to prolonged droughts – what do you do?

Why don’t you take a few minutes when you are having your morning coffee or tea and listen to the climate change and migration podcast that covers the basics you need to know. It looks at how climate change could re-shape patterns of migration and displacement, and what this means for different people across the world.


EU Plans to Label Gas and Nuclear as Green

Nuclear is not clean. Gas is not clean.

Yet this is what the European Union Commission policy has proposed in the taxonomy – a system intended to direct billions to clean-energy projects to meet the EU goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Environmental groups and activists have come together to reject the inclusion to say ‘no gas and nuclear energy!’ Join the tide of public pressure to make sure the money goes where it needs to go: clean alternatives.

Activists in Reuter West, Berlin. Photographer — Ende Gelände 

Quote of the month

“There is no single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” – Andre Lorde

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