Carla Hunt

Letter to the editor template 2:

Dear editor,

Last week, I visited [MP’s NAME] office to deliver the new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change — the world’s most authoritative voice on climate science — along with a demand to line up Canada’s climate policies with science. The report says we have 12 years to take the action necessary to avoid average global warming beyond 1.5 degrees. It says we must stay within an average temperature increase of 1.5 degrees to avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change; impacts that will disproportionately impact vulnerable populations, both here in Canada and around the world.

The report said, in no uncertain terms, that in this timeframe we need to transition off of fossil fuels to a 100% renewable energy economy. In concrete terms, this means we must stop approving and expanding massive fossil fuel projects like the TransMountain and Line 3 pipelines, and take concrete steps to build a 100% renewable energy economy, and we must do it in a way that respects Indigenous rights and leave no worker behind.

We know that politicians across Canada are already planning their campaigns for 2019. Some might say the election campaign has already begun. That’s why ast week, over 1200 people delivered the IPCC report to 233 MP’s – across the political spectrum – from coast to coast to coast. Here in [TOWN] [MP Name], and all the contenders for his/her/their seat, should know that this community is looking for real leadership when we head to the ballot box.

Thank you,



Together, they called on Members of Parliament to pledge that, before the next election, they will propose, champion and support legislation to update Canada’s climate policies and bring them in line with the urgency called for in the IPCC report. 

The world’s most authoritative voice on climate science, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released a report on October 8th on what it means to limit global climate change to 1.5°C – the target Canada not only endorsed, but fought for at the 2015 Paris climate summit. The bottomline: any hope for a safe climate hinges on ceasing fossil fuel expansion, immediately. Learn more…

One year out from the federal election, let’s demonstrate that we’re looking for leaders who are not only listening to the science in the IPCC report, but stepping up to take action. That means strengthening our international climate commitments, stopping fossil fuel expansion, and building a 100% renewable energy economy that respects Indigenous rights and works for everyone.