We're still excited about the great work done by our friends over at WWF and the millions of people that took part in Earth Hour this weekend (take a look at the post below for a photo and report from Barcelona, where 350 organizers made a beautiful image in front of the Sagrada Familia).

Events like Earth Hour help remind us about the power of the internet to link collective action all across the planet. At 350.org, we like to talk about the cycle of online-to-offline-to-online organizing. Here's what we mean by that mouthful. The internet now allows us to reach millions of people across the planet, and inspire them to not just sign online petitions, but to organize offline in their communities. Then, we can take photos and videos from each of those communities and link them back together online, creating a beautiful mosaic of action around the world. Here are just some of the photos from the thousands of candlelight vigils organized last year:

We think it's a powerful new way of organizing, but here's the trick: it all relies on your support. At 350.org, we don't have the staff, money, or time (we're already up at 390 ppm after all!) to organize event by event, town by town — we rely on your leadership and ability to get to work changing your community. And, to be honest, even if we did have all of Exxon Mobil's money, this is still the way we'd organize, because it's not just solar panels and wind turbines that will stop the climate crisis, but the much more complicated technology of community: finding ways that each and every one of us can become leaders in this movement.

All the photos from Earth Hour are a great reminder that we're not alone. Three cheers for all the people that got involved this weekend — now, let's get back to work!

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