This morning, our team at the UN Climate Talks in Durban joined our allies at Greenpeace, groundWorks, the South African Wastepickers Association, the Canadian Youth Delegation and others to protest the big polluters meeting at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a corporate front group that’s working to block the type of real climate action that can get us back to 350 ppm. 

Before the talks here in Durban, Greenpeace published a report that clearly shows how corporations are working behind the scenes to make sure that the UN Climate Meetings fail to seriously address climate change. Instead, these companies are trying to find new ways to profit off pollution. 

As Bill McKibben is fond of saying, we’ll never hav the money that these companies do — they’re some of the richest corporations in the history of money — so we’ll have to find another currency to work in: our bodies, our spirits, and our voices. Building this people powered movement is what is all about, here in Durban, and all around the world in the weeks and months to come. 

In the words of our South African friends, “Amandla! Awethu!” Power to the people. 

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