If you had any doubts about whether your voices were heard around the world, today makes clear they were. Instead of rolling over in the face of the great powers, a hundred small, poor, vulnerable nations are rallying around the 350 flag. They may not be able to keep the fight up all week, but that they’re even making it is beyond remarkable. As one activist told me today, "the 350 movement has changed the whole mood of this process. This would not have been thinkable even a few months ago."

So please keep tuned. We’re going to need you poised to send emails, to make noise, to push. You can watch Pres. Nasheed and I in an hour or so from the ClimaForum at this link.

If you’re the kind of person who prays, please pray. If you’re the kind of person who hopes, please hope. We already know you’re the kind of person who works–we’re going to need that.

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