This photo and note from Mega, one of our youth organizers made my morning: 

Hi Jamie! It’s Mega Aisyah from Indonesia. I wanna say thanks for the chance to join AYCW 2009 [the youth workshop ran in Bangkok]. More importantly, thanks for all the things given to me on that workshop. That was my first workshop about climate change. And because of the workshop, I read a lot about climate change. Knowing about it makes my life changes. Therefore, I wanna save the earth, Jamie. Together with the other.

I am not part of any environmental organization yet, but I wanted to do a climate action. I and the society in my district, in Yogyakarta-Indonesia, have already planted 350 trees this morning. It is involved around 350 people, including children and students. The place where we held an action is in my home town, it is a small district where many people still have low education so it’s quite difficult to make them understand about climate change. But I just do it and I did it! That was an amazing moment for me. Together, we save our lovely earth. I attach two photos for you anyway. 🙂

Thanks for your time to read my email. Good luck!

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