Each time I join a march, all the homemade signs, banners, songs, and performances tell me a powerful story about what people are marching for.

When I think back to the first People’s Climate March in New York, I remember seeing images of the victims of Hurricane Sandy who made signs in the shape of life preservers. For them, organizing in their community for climate action is a matter of survival and what makes it possible for them to stay afloat. These are the images that stuck with me long after the march was over – and made it clear why we were fighting.

By making art that tells your piece of the story – no matter what it is – you can help make sure that for this Peoples Climate March on April 29, what we’re fighting for is clear in the hearts and minds of everyone who sees us in the streets, on social media, and in the press.

That’s why from April 8-16, communities around the country are holding art builds to turn their visions, solutions, and demands into powerful art: whether you’re headed to Washington DC or joining a sister march closer to home, go here to join an art event near you – or sign up to host one.

I’m organizing an event where I live in Chicago to not only make art, but also to strengthen the fight for justice of all kinds. The Chicago art build will be a joint space to create art for many events coming up, including the May Day March on May 1, which focuses on economic justice. By creating art together, we’re helping to grow a collaborative art community in Chicago and building relationships that will last for months and years to come.

Already, communities across the country are dreaming together about how to bring their demands for justice and climate solutions to the street: find an art build near you to be part of envisioning and creating the art that will make the Peoples Climate March unforgettable.

If there isn’t an event near you yet, consider hosting your own. You don’t need to have any experience – we’ll help you every step of the way, and here’s a handy toolkit to get you started.

April 29 will be a day to show the full strength and creativity of our movement as we resist Trump’s fossil fueled agenda, push forward our own vision of a clean energy economy, and build real political power. These art builds are the next step you can take to help us get there.

This blog was written by Melissa Brice for the Chicago 350 and 350.org teams

Here’s some how-to videos and toolkits to get you dreaming and scheming:

  1. How to make circle signs

2. How to make parachute banners

3. How to host an art event – In this toolkit you’ll find everything you need to host your own art build. That includes setting up your event page, gathering supplies, and more.

4. Circle signs and parachute banners are just some examples of art you can make. We encourage you to use your creativity to share why you’re marching! Here are some other ideas and posters for inspiration.

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