Many thanks to our friends at Greenpeace who have been such an enormous help with organizing the 10/10/10 Global Work Party. Whether it's taking on Big Oil in the North Sea or building solar solutions in Thailand, Greenpeace is an essential global campaign that's helping build a movement for an Energy [R]evolution. 

Check out this photo from Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior from last October 24's international day of climate action: 

We're looking forward to seeing even more great photos and videos on October 10! 

Here's a message that just went out to the Greenpeace International email list. Take a look and if you have a chance head on over to the Greenpeace website to join one of our favorite (and most badass) partners: 



We've all  been waiting a long time for politicians to take action on climate change: nudged them along, pushed them harder, painted banners, held rallies, signed petitions, sent letters, took photos – some of us even climbed mountains and invited themselves to Head of State dinners. They didn't listen. 

We all know the urgency of acting on climate change. The days of waiting for the end of playground politics are over – and we are getting to work without them, since they won't join us. 

That's why we're counting down the days till Sunday October 10th – that's the day when thousands of people from all around the world will get together to stop climate change, in a unique event involving you and your community. This is a mass event, in which many organisations including Greenpeace, 350, 10:10, TckTckTck, and Oxfam are participating along with community leaders, churches, scout groups, school classes and individuals to get to work to implement local solutions to the global climate crisis. 

Thousands of events are already planned – there is probably one near where you live, and if you can't find one, you can start your own

From a massive tree planting in Senegal, to a planned energy-producing playground in New Orleans and a vegetable-planting party in Northern Ireland, there are a LOT of choices. If you're not happy with anything you see, you can also start your own – we have a lot of ideas for you

Please help us make October 10th the biggest single day of action against climate change that the world has ever seen. 

Here's to a clean energy future,

p.s. This Friday September 24th a LIVE blogger briefing will take place on our ship the Arctic Sunrise – currently surveying the impacts of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. You can submit questions to be answered during the briefing – find out more.

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