Big shout out to Occupy London Energy, Equity and Environment group who pulled off a wonderful day of activities all about connecting the dots between extreme weather, climate change, the problems (such as tarsands) and the solutions (renewable energy!).

Despite the drizzle they attracted a good crowd with their games of ‘extreme’ Twister, climate criminal guided tour near St Paul’s Cathedral and wide range of speakers – everything from stories of the Pakistan floods of 2011 (from Sabiha Telad from Muslim Hands) to social and climate justice poetry (Danny Chivers).

The sun came out for a big photo to connect the dots from the 99% to the 1% to take us back to 350ppm and the day ended with varied attempts to screen tarsands film ‘Tarmageddon’ at various London institutions either investing in the tarsands or being sponsored by companies implicit in supporting tarsands.  In its true nature, Occupy persisted at Tate Modern and on Shell land to share the story until evicted by police.

All in all, a fantastic day and lots of hardwork by the EEE group to really hold a mirror to the planet and force people to come face to face with the ravages of climate change.  Lots to be proud of! 🙂

Photo credits: Malachi Chadwick

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