Dear President Obama,

It has been an interesting couple of years. We had so much hope for you and the possibilities for a new beginning in Washington- And you did too. Yet the reality of America’s economic and intellectual recessions have made your presidency less than ideal.     

Today though, I’m writing to say thanks. At the beginning of last summer, the Keystone XL pipeline seemed like a done deal. It was strange that the same energy we harnessed in 2008 to support you, was the energy we used in 2011 to work against State Departments approval of the project. But yesterday you listened to us and denied the permit. Thank you, because I know that it took you a lot of courage to stand up to Big Oil. They’ve got more money than anybody and they’ve always gotten their way. You were the President who decided that they wouldn’t, even when they were threatening you with “Huge Political Consequences.”

When you were first elected, I heard somebody say, “We cannot ask Obama to do what we are unwilling to do ourselves.” And during the pipeline protests, many of my friends were willing to get arrested, were willing to take time away from their work and families, were willing to take a stand. But we took those risks, and now you have too.

As campaign season heats up, you can expect my support in 2012. Remember though, that we will only support good policy, not just a promise or a man. The more that you stand up for what you truly believe in- not just what is convenient, the more you can expect for people like us to have your back.


Russell Evans

Russell Evans is a leader in Montrose, CO, USA. This represents the opinions of the writer. does not have an official position supporting or opposing political candidates.

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