Here's a post from Bill McKibben about some really exciting news out of China:

Talk about Getting To Work! There's really not a single person who can claim to have accomplished more in the way of energy transformation that Huang Ming, the engineer who founded Himin Corp. in China. From a small workshop, it's grown into the world's largest maker of solar hot water heating units, the ones you see on rooftops all over China. How many? About 160 million square meters worth, saving 300 million tons of coal. 

I had a great visit with Huang Ming yesterday, as he described how the birth of his daughter in the 1980s turned him from a petroleum engineer into the pioneer of solar hot water. Now he's working overtime to spread the technology everywhere. 

If we fail to deal with global warming, he told me, 'it's the failure of our generation, and of myself. I won't let these things happen. I have strong willpower supporting everything I do now.' We're awfully glad to have him on our side! And we look forward to having him involved in the Great Power Race, our campus clean energy competition in China, India and the US — over 100 campuses have joined up in just the last few days! 

p.s. That small workshop where Huang Ming started has expanded dramatically to keep pace with demand. Here's a picture of the current Himin Corp. headquarters, the Sun-Moon Mansion in China's Solar Valley: 

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