In the Pacific we grapple with both COVID19 and the Climate Crisis’s realities, we know the answers to a fair and just recovery lie in the traditional knowledge and systems held by indigenous people worldwide.

In the build-up to the Global Climate Strikes, during our 2020 Matagi Mãlohi week of climate action, we brought our people and communities together to plant, create, and nurture life. We showcased that we are resilient people who move through this world with a rooted perspective in our stories, culture, history, love, and faith.

Our Pacific Climate Warriors across the region and diaspora organized 31 online and offline events during our Matagi Malohi Week of Climate Action to show the world what a Just Recovery looked like for us.

Here are highlights of our Climate Strikes across our network.

Check out Tonga, Fossil Fuel Fast


Check out Sydney, Talanoa


Check out Kiribati, First Responders


Check out Brisbane, Connecting at the Roots


Check out the Solomon Islands, Communal Gardens


Check out Melbourne, Weave the Days to Come


Check out Vanuatu, Protect, Save and Practice


Check out Wellington, Pacific Votes Count


Check out Niue, Farm to Table


Check out Auckland, Plant your tree, wear your mask, join the Matagi


Check out Fiji, Veilomani Week


Check out Samoa


Check out Just ReKavary, Talanoa for Future


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