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Matagi Mālohi: A Chant for Our Warriors

Matagi Mālohi means “strong winds.” They are words shared by the Pacific Climate Warriors from Tokelau at the recent Pacific Pawa Shift. It was offered as a metaphor of the Pacific Climate Warriors and how we move in the global climate movement. It also helps frame how we want to get involved in the upcoming day of actions around the Global Climate Strike in September 2019.

Vigil held in front of London Stock Exchange to hold coal mining company accountable

Protestors organized a Black vigil in front of London Stock Exchange (LSE). Thirteen years ago a LSE listed company called GCM opened fire on a peaceful protest in Phulbari and killed three teenagers. Phulbari Solidarity Group has been formed to keep the resistance alive and bring justice to the local people who were affected by this incident

Leaving fear behind

As fires rage in the Amazon, people everywhere are offering a vision for a new course. It starts with the Global Climate Strike.

Fearing our power

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Youth to adults — join us in the climate fight

So far it’s been the hottest summer ever recorded — June was the hottest June, and July was the hottest month ever. France, Germany, Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands had their hottest days of all time, joining countries from Cuba to Vietnam and Togo to the Reunion Islands.

One month until Climate Strike

One year ago, Greta Thunberg sparked the climate strike phenomenon with her first solo strike. But it’s a loud, diverse global movement of millions. And the best is yet to come

Want to bring art to your climate strike?

Creativity is a big part of great actions. Check out this new Climate Strike Arts Kit. It’s full of ideas and tools to help you to be bold and beautiful this September.