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This is unique – let’s seize the moment

On March 15th 2019 1.6 million school children took to the streets to demand climate action. It was an unprecedented moment in the history of climate change activism; building on decades of awareness raising and fighting climate change.

Life in a time of rising sea levels

“Before, the sea was still 50 meters away from our houses even during high tides. Now, the sea is only 35 meters away.” A new short documentary explores the lived realities for fishermen and seaweed farmers on the island community of Tigtabon in the Philippines.

Ah’ah Laot

Ah’ah Laot: People Of The Sea – Climate Change Impacts To The People Of Tigtabon Island

Sexy Killers coal documentary goes viral

A new documentary about coal in Indonesia is going viral with nearly 20 million views and sparking a national debate about a Fossil Free future for Indonesia.