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Bangladesh and India facing the worst flood in 122 years

The unpredictable floods in South Asia point to changes in patterns and extreme weather events that are becoming the norm. The monsoon shift has caused extreme precipitation resulting in floods in many cities, which caused the death toll of 105 people while displacing 7.2 million people.

Heatwaves across the globe are directly linked to the fossil fuel industry

The heat waves raging through Europe, North America, and Asia are what a climate crisis looks like – and it didn’t happen by accident. The record-breaking temperatures causing fires, extreme drought, and crop failures can be directly linked to the fossil fuel industry’s choice to continue with coal, oil and gas production.

These wildfires and heat waves didn’t come from nowhere

Media plays a vital role in the battle against the climate crisis. Newspapers and portals must tell the truth about who is to blame for the extreme weather we’re facing right now – the fossil fuel industry.