July 14, 2020

350.org Announces New Board Memberships; Bill McKibben Shifting to Emeritus Position

GLOBAL – Today – 350.org announced changes to its organisational governance as we continue our commitment to contributing to a global movement for climate justice.

As part of these governance changes, 350.org co-founder and current board member, Bill McKibben, will be changing his role with the organisation later this year.

“Bill McKibben is a founder, Senior Advisor, and board member of 350.org.  Later this year, as he turns 60, he’ll be shifting these roles to an ‘emeritus’ status.  This signifies the rising power and profile of a younger and increasingly diverse generation of climate leaders.  But Bill’s emeritus role will not be honorific – we still plan to work him hard as a thought leader, strategic advisor, and inspirational communicator.”  – KC Golden, Chair of the 350.org board said.

The changes in 350.org’s Board composition and ways of working reflect long-term work by the organisation to strengthen its organisational governance, take leadership from across the world, and focus its resources on tackling the fossil fuel industry as a key driver of the climate crisis.

KC Golden’s full statement is available here.

“In too many cases people still assume I’m in charge.That makes it harder for other voices inside 350 to become as well-known as they should. It’s a diverse organization filled with powerful thinkers and activists, who I love listening to—they deserve a wider audience.” Bill McKibben, 350.org co-founder and outgoing board member said.

Bill McKibben’s full statement is here.

“The summer of 2020 is one more reminder that different kinds of voices need to be at the forefront. It’s been an enormous pleasure to watch both 350 and the movement diversify in real ways, and that’s been absolutely crucial to its success. Sometimes, though, it’s not just about adding new voices, but also lowering the volume on existing ones so others can be fully heard. This is a way to twist my dial a little to the left. I will continue to write and speak—it’s what I know how to do—but not from an official perch; that authority, and the credibility it can confer, will I hope increasingly devolve to others.” Bill McKibben, 350.org co-founder and outgoing board member said.

In addition to adopting new and improved modalities for internal governance and management, the 350.Org also welcomed several new members to its volunteer Board to help guide its global work as it enters its second-decade of campaigning and activism.

Newly inducted members of the Board include: Deepak Bhargava, Daniela Costa, Chibeze Ezekiel, Terry Odendahl, and Ellen Sprenger. Background on new and continuing board members is available here.

350.0rg is currently focusing on ensuring the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic dislocation advance a ‘just recovery’ – that considers the needs of people and the planet. We will be targeting the finance ministers and central bankers of the G20 who are meeting later this week to decide how to spend trillions of dollars of public money. To find out more please see:https://350.org/g20/