February 4, 2016

350.org: Energy Bill Is A Big Oil Giveaway

Climate campaign urges Senators to support the “Merchants of Doubt” and Flint Amendments, but stand against expedited LNG exports

Washington, DC — The climate campaign, 350.org, which helped lead the fight against the Keystone XL pipeline and supports the growing fossil fuel divestment movement, is calling the energy bill currently under debate in the Senate a “big oil giveaway.”

On the bill:

“The fossil fuel industry’s fingerprints are all over it,” said Jamie Henn, 350.org Communications Director. “Big Oil has donated millions to Republican super PACs and promised millions more this election–now they’re getting what they paid for.”

On LNG exports:

“Expediting LNG exports just fast tracks our collision course with climate disaster. With the disaster out at Porter Ranch, it’s insane to be building more leaky, dangerous gas infrastructure, especially when the alternatives are at our fingertips. The best policy when it comes to natural gas is to keep it in the ground. There are positive aspects to this bill, but the few steps forward aren’t worth the big leaps back ”

On the impact on the climate:

“The Senate hasn’t conducted any study of what impact this bill would have on the climate,” continued Henn. “Instead they’ve taken a grab bag approach: a little grid modernization over here, some coal handouts over there. This is the sort of incoherent approach that could handicap the United States in the race towards a clean energy future. At the very least, the Obama administration should demand the Senate look at how this bill helps or harms our efforts to meet the goals they committed to in Paris.”

On the “Merchants of Doubt” amendment:

“If Exxon hadn’t lied about climate change for decades, this energy bill would be 100% renewable. Instead, we’re still fighting our way out of the fossil fuel era,” said Henn. “Just the existence of the ‘merchants of doubt’ amendment helps build momentum for a Department of Justice investigation into what Exxon knew. A floor vote would send shivers through the fossil fuel industry. Their dirty tactics are finally being drawn into the light.”

On Flint:

“The tragedy in Flint is an environmental injustice of epic proportions. Families there deserve the full support of a government that has too often treated their community as a sacrifice zone. Beyond providing funding, government at all levels must strengthen their environmental justice protections. The racism and disdain that condemned Flint is at work in low income and communities of color across the country. Often, it’s the fossil fuel industry who are the culprits, condemning families to pollution and poverty in their endless pursuit of profits. The roots of the crisis in Flint are the same as those at the bottom of the climate crisis. Flint is a reminder of why we must fight harder than ever for just, sustainable, clean energy economy for all.”



Contact: Lindsay Meiman, (347) 460-9082