March 17, 2017 on Maryland Gov. Hogan’s support for fracking ban

Washington, DC — Today, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) expressed his full support for a bill that would enact a statewide ban on fracking (hydraulic fracturing). The bill has been approved by the House of Delegates, but has not yet been voted on by the Senate. In response,’s Fracking Campaign Coordinator Linda Capato Jr gave the following statement:

“This is a huge milestone for the Maryland community, including groups like Save Western Maryland and the Don’t Frack Maryland Coalition, that has been working for years to stop this dangerous practice by the fossil fuel industry. Governor Hogan’s words reinforce what communities in his state and around the world know firsthand — that there’s no such thing as safe fracking.

“Governors in states across the US that still frack should follow Maryland and New York’s lead by banning this practice out right. Fracking is a threat not only to our health and safety, but to our chances of curbing the climate crisis. We must keep fighting for a just transition to 100% renewable energy that doesn’t harm communities or risk our future.”


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