June 27, 2017

350.org on Trump’s Energy Week: “We need energy democracy, not dominance”

New York, NY — The Trump administration has designated this week ‘energy week’, as President Trump has scheduled meetings to promote his fossil fuel agenda with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several US governors. Trump is also expected to deliver a speech on Thursday about “Energy Dominance” at the US Department of Energy, following meetings with Pruitt, Zinke, and Perry.

Ahead of Thursday’s speech, 350.org US Campaigns Director Jenny Marienau issued the following statement:

“We need energy democracy, not dominance, to move us toward a 100% renewable energy future. Trump’s ‘energy dominance’ is exactly the kind of phrase you’d expect from a belligerent, fear-mongering president. In all seriousness, ‘energy dominance’ is more of the same exploitative, reckless approach that’s been driving us further towards climate disaster. Even as Trump tries to block climate action and prop up the fossil fuel industry, a shift is already underway. Communities are fighting new fossil fuel projects nationwide, and just this week, hundreds of mayors committed to reach 100% renewable energy by 2035. It’s more important than ever that we keep resisting Trump’s fossil fuel agenda, hold public officials at every level accountable to climate action now and at the ballot box, and help build a just transition to clean energy for all.”


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