June 14, 2018

350.org Reacts to New Antarctic Ice Loss Data

In response to yesterday’s stark research that shows Antarctic ice loss has tripled in a decade and is accelerating sea level rise as 200 billion tonnes of melting ice is dumped into the ocean every year, Hoda Baraka, 350.org Global Communications Director, released the following statement:

This is extremely concerning news and confirms what we already know about the impacts of burning fossil fuels: our climate is at a dangerous tipping point that is putting the communities of low-lying islands and our coasts at great risk. This is why tens of thousands of people around the world will join the Rise for Climate mobilisation on and around the 8th September – to drive climate action within our communities and send a clear message to governments that the science is clear, we have the momentum, the technology for the energy transition is ready and we demand bold action now.


Media Contact

Claudio Magliulo, 350.org, [email protected]