October 31, 2021

350.org reacts to weak G20 climate statement

Rome, Italy — Today the leaders of G20 nations finished a two-day summit in Rome, issuing a statement that many expected to set the political tone for the upcoming climate summit (COP26) in Glasgow. Attendees made some cursory commitments including a pledge to end coal power but fell far short of delivering real leadership on the climate crisis leaving UN secretary-general António Guterres with ‘hopes unfulfilled’.

Namrata Chowdhary, Chief of Public Engagement at 350.org said:

“The statement released at the end of the G20 summit in Italy is extremely disappointing; heads of state from the world’s richest – and therefore most powerful – countries had the opportunity to radically reset multilateral politics and generate the commitments necessary to keep global heating below 1.5°C, to protect workers, communities, the environment and future generations.

Instead, they’ve made a contradictory and empty statement on climate: they’ve restated their commitment to keeping global heating below 1.5 degrees celsius, but failed to commit to any action themselves, not even agreeing that their national climate plans must be improved. Right now, they have us on a path to nearly 3 degrees of heating. These so-called leaders need to do better. They have another shot at this: starting tomorrow.

Representatives from the most impacted people and areas, along with thousands of campaigners for climate justice from around the world, are heading to Glasgow to hold them accountable at COP26. We at 350.org are doing everything we can to bring the voices of people to the front, demanding an end to fossil fuel finance and reminding the richest countries of their responsibilities towards financing climate justice.

This is the time for politicians to show real leadership, and ensure that the resources available will be delivered to create the future we need. This decade is about building an economy that works for people and the planet and that tackles the root causes of inequality and the climate crisis.

Instead of the urgent course correction they needed to effect, the G20 have stood around talking, with their hands firmly on the tiller keeping us on a path that will see us hurtle well past the planetary boundary of 1.5 degrees.”


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