April 22, 2020

350.org responds to inaccuracies in documentary “Planet of the Humans” produced by Michael Moore

Global On the eve of Earth Day, Michael Moore’s production company released a new documentary, “Planet of the Humans”, directed by Jeff Gibbs.

In response to the inaccuracies and mischaracterization of 350.org and Bill McKibben, Alex Rafalowicz, Chief Communications Officer, released the following statement:

“The documentary ‘Planet of the Humans’ contains a number of inaccuracies in relation to Bill McKibben and 350.org. These inaccuracies are so many and so glaring that they point towards not only bad journalism, but also bad faith by director Jeff Gibbs.

We will be following this up, once again, with the production team in due course.

350.org believes it is important that we don’t merely secure a renewable future, but also a just one that meaningfully reduces carbon emissions. How we shift away from fossil fuels is a crucial conversation and we need to have it in accurate, equitable, and justice-oriented way, that brings diverse voices to the table. Many media articles, videos and reports go in this direction. This film is not one of them.”