July 20, 2016

350.org Responds to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Committment to Carbon Pricing

In response to reports that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is committing to a national carbon price, Cameron Fenton, 350.org’s Canadian Tar Sands Campaign Manager, issued the following statement:

“A national carbon price is a great step, but it’s a step in a race where Canada has a long way to go. Justin Trudeau might know the right lines when it comes to climate change, but saying he’s committed to a carbon price in the same breath as he touts his ability to build pipelines definitely doesn’t add up, especially for a government styling itself as a climate leader. The science is painfully clear; you can’t build new pipelines, like the Kinder Morgan project, and expand the tar sands and still expect to meet Canada’s climate commitments. A carbon price will only work if it’s tied with a real commitment to keep fossil fuels in the ground.”


Contact: Cameron Fenton

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