January 31, 2017

350.org Statement on the Muslim Ban

GLOBAL — In response to President Trump’s executive order barring entry to the United States from refugees, migrants and foreign nationals from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, Hoda Baraka, 350.org Global Communications Director issued the following statement:


“In the last few days since President Trump took office we have seen a series of executive orders attacking human rights, civil liberties and the environment. This latest ban, following an earlier decision to build a border wall, not only represents an ideological divide, with ramifications being felt worldwide, it also serves to tear down the very human fabric needed to confront the worse threats the world is currently facing. The only times the world experiences prosperity and peace is when we stand together, as one, our differences adding to our power and never serving to divide us. Our borders are a creation of human beings, but the climate crisis, and the social injustices at its root, know no boundaries. And in losing our humanity we stand no chance in building a just and prosperous world. We are certain that despite these difficult times, isolationism, inequality and national egotism will succumb to the openness, social equality and solidarity that our movements thrive on. Climate change knows no boundaries and neither will we.”